What is Learnalytics?

Learnalytics is the tool that Solve Education! developed to monitor, measure, and report the learning behaviour of learners on its game app, Dawn of Civilization, and use the collected information to improve learning.

Solve Education! Approach

Lots of Fun

Scientific studies show that fun has a positive impact on what we learn and how much we retain

Lots of Learning

Fun increases levels of dopamine, endorphins & oxygen - all things that promote learning

Lots of Result

Fun boosts learning effectiveness and memory retention

Why Use the Solve Education! Platform?


Instant Feedback


Personalised Speech Training

Flexible Learning

Engaging Content

Accurate Analytics of Process

What You'll Get

Learner learning scorecard
You can follow the learner's current learning progress in English
Learning behaviour
You will see the learner's learning consistency as well as which mini-games the learner is most engaged with
Personalised activities
The aspects of English the learner is struggling with are assessed and you are provided with extra suggested activities to help the learner improve those specific aspects
Soft skills scores
You can view the discipline, diligence, and grit levels of the learner
Notifications of learner progress
You can choose to have regular updates on the learner's learning progress sent to your e-mail


Feature Parents Group
Number of monitored learners 1-10 >10
Learner's progress report
Learner's learning behaviour
Personalised extra activities and exercises
Personalised extra activities and exercises
Monthly notifications of learners' progress
Monthly notifications of learners' progress
Monthly notifications of learners' progress



The Importance of Learnalytics

At Solve Education!, we are devoted to overcoming barriers that limit learner access to quality education through a mobile phone gaming app. Our focus is on finding ways to make learning compulsively engaging on a platform that allows it to reach those who need it most. As a human-centred technology, we ensure that we cater to the needs of our individual learners and provide them with evidence-based education. By accessing Learnalytics, you can hold us accountable to maintain our standard of teaching, respond to learners' needs and modify the game app according to what promotes the best learning. We believe that educational data can improve the quality and value of the learning experience on the app.